This text is out of date, write a new piece explaining history of play and reason for cashout.

Project Entropia an internet MMORPG created by Mind Ark, an addictive on-line game.
More than a simple game, this on-line virtual world allows people from around the world to connect in real-time.
Project Entropia offers something for everyone. Excelling in one discipline or a mixture of many allows you to become a useful part of the on-line society.

I've played frequently for the last 3 months, but first joined over 1.5 years ago.
My On-Line alias is Commodore, when not exploring/hunting, I can be found in one of my two homes or Cape Corinth.
Currently I own two virtually properties, one in West Hadesheim the other on Corinth Beach. The West Hadesheim house is probably going to be put up for auction, it's in a great place, with quick links to the major city.