Kawasaki AR125
My first love, an AR125B (restricted), cost around 2.5k trade in when I purchased the ZZR600 was ??? Original paint job, and good condition. Registered in '96 N-reg. I was the third Owner, and the bike had 16k miles on the clock. There are obviously few models around now, and most in poor condition. However obtaining parts wasn't a problem. This bike looks good, is fast and comfy; It's an ideal first bike. The bike may be restricted, learner legal, but it is still capable of braking the speed limit, with a top speed of 75MPH.

Kawasaki ZZR600
Bought from the same dealership before I'd passed the extended license, which allows you to skip the two year high capacity restriction, this sat in the garage for several weeks before I could actually ride it myself!

"The first 600 to use ram-air forced induction to boost power - it's one of the quickest and most powerful bikes in the 600 class."
Marketed in 90's as a SuperSport, not anymore but a strong engined capable allrounder with touring aspirations.

Top speed 154mph 1/4-mile acceleration 11.3 secs Power 99bhp Torque 47ftlb Weight 182kg Seat height 780mm Fuel capacity 18 litres Average fuel consumption 45mpg Tank range 178 miles Insurance group 13 Engine size 599cc Engine specification 16v inline four, 6 gears Tyres: BT010's - Rated 2nd overall by 'RIDE', having excellent wet weather performance.

Turning a 600cc bike into 600
The last couple of photos show the ZZR at the end of it's life with me. Dry tyres and wet man-hole covers aren't compatable, the damage to a fully faired bike is significant even at low speed - 20MPH. Over the next few months I agonized over rebuilding.
    My rebuild shopping list:
  • Forks
  • Front wheel
  • Clocks
  • Headlamp
  • Indicators
  • Fairing pannels (lots!)
  • 2 new radiators
  • Sub-frame straightening
  • Seat re-cloth
  • Undertray
  • Crankcase cover
  • Clip-ons and bar-ends
As a long-term project it was possible, but several jobs required tools for hoisting of around 180Kg. After a few months it was sold via Ebay as a 'project or parts' for 600.

Honda VTR1000 FireStorm
"Best bit is slowing down from a ton to 60 odd for a bend. The vibes from the engine are intoxicating. How many bikes are as much fun slowing down as accellerating?"
Top speed 144mph
1/4-mile acceleration 11.8 secs
Power 97bhp
Weight 193kg
Fuel capacity 19 litres
Average fuel consumption 35mpg
Tank range 146 miles
Insurance group 14
Engine specification 8v V-twin, 6 gears
Tyres: BT012's - Just great, long lasting very grippy, inspire confidence.